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October2023 Issue


Discovering COSAM: our research explained...

 Featured Article:

 Niharika Dalpati, a senior graduate student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (DCB), passed away due to natural causes on April 17, 2023 at her home in Odisha, India. Her passing was sudden and unexpected, and she leaves behind a legacy for which all students can aspire.

Color me Brown

Poem by Theophila Dusabamahoro

Color me brown:

Give me iron and sulfur

Give me a place to become whole

Before I can perform my roles

Don’t send me home alone

Carry me

Shield me

Don’t let me out of your sight

Day and night

You see I am sensitive

A second with oxygen I am doomed

Color me brown:

I can repair your DNA,

regulate your gene expression, and do much more

Defects in my biogenesis are disastrous

Color me brown:

Let me stop my demands

Before I bore you to death

We will meet again:

I am in all kingdoms of life

This original poem is inspired by Fe-S cluster, an oxygen sensitive cofactor that plays a plethora function in all forms of life. Purified proteins with this cluster have a characteristic brown color.

Laugh Corner

A proton, neutron and helium walk into a bar and order three bears. The bartender appears with 3 beers 🍺 🍺 🍺 and ask the Proton,” Are you sure you are 18+?” The Proton replies, “yes, I am positive.” So the bartender gives him the first beer. He gives the second beer to neutron and says, “for you, no charge.” He throws the third beer in helium’s face. Helium doesn't react.


by Moises A. Bernal

Department of Biological Sciences

by Orobola Olajide

Department of Chemistry

by Hewan Shemtaga

Department of Mathematics