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August 2022 Issue

Discovering COSAM: our research explained...

Featured Article:

The Phantom of Heilbronn debacle is an extreme example of how the slow relaxing of measurement standards could give grossly misleading results. A false positive cancer diagnosis—or worse, a false negative—is a more meaningful example that unfortunately happens more often. To avoid such costly misinterpretations, it is important that we develop better technology, while at the same time we diligently train the next generation of measurement scientists...

Laugh Corner

What kind of bird works on a construction site?

          • A crane!

Why does a circle have so much student loan debt?

  • It has 360 degrees

Solve carefully! 230 –220 x 0.5 =

  • You probably won’t believe it, but the answer is 5!

  • ** 5 factorial equals 120 **


by Miranda Silano

Department of Geosciences

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Department of Biological Sciences

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