Chief Editor's Note

From the Chief-Editor’s Desk

Hello and welcome to another edition of the DiscoveringCOSAM Newsletter.

Can you believe that it is already one year since we started? I must say it has been a very thrilling experience working with the best team of dedicated and passionate people. Ours has been a story of passion, tenacity, fulfilment, and pure joy in doing what we do.

We want to use this medium to announce the graduation of two members of our team: Kimberly Holman (Departmental Rep. for Mathematics) and Steph Courtney (Departmental Rep. for Geosciences). We are grateful for their excellent service and while we miss them, we know that they are moving on to grander adventures and we wish them the very best in their future endeavors. In the same vein, we want to introduce the newest member of our team, Miranda Silano who is the new Departmental Rep. for Geosciences. Welcome to the team Miranda!

As usual, this edition is ripe with articles on research going on in COSAM, all presented in non-technical terms. Explore all the cool research going on in the Easley lab on developing analytical devices for diabetes and other disease conditions, as well as a murder mystery story that emphasizes the need for upholding best practices in scientific analysis, all detailed in the featured article. And if you are the type who likes to win at every game, you may want to check out the article “politely cheating” for tips on making sure you always win!!

We are still accepting volunteers on the team, as well as articles, jokes, and poems for the next edition of the newsletter. Please reach out to your departmental Rep or to any other member of the team for submissions or questions on joining the team. The deadline for submissions to the next edition of the Newsletter is October 22, 2022.

We wish you a great rest of the semester


Chief Editor,

Chidinma L. Odili

PhD Candidate (Mansoorabadi lab)

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry