Editor-in-Chief's Note

From the Editor-in-Chief's Desk

With a great sense of nostalgia, I write my last note as the editor-in-chief of the DiscoveringCOSAM newsletter. It has been a most beautiful experience and a great privilege. The experience has reinforced my faith in the maxim that “all things are possible,” a testament to the enduring spirit of man, guided by resilience and unwavering commitment to a pre-determined course.

The concept for the DiscoveringCOSAM newsletter started as a random idea in the office of Dr. Kimberly Mulligan, and all thanks to her support, the idea was fanned into actionable steps and was birthed into the success that it is today. Two years and five editions later, the newsletter continues to wax strong and has become a staple in the faculty.

As usual, the present edition is ripe with science-related jokes, poems, and articles describing research in the faculty, all in non-technical terms. Our featured article for this edition is a tribute to Niharika, whom many of us knew as a friend and graduate student in Chemistry & Biochemistry Department, who passed away earlier this year during a visit to her home country of India. The Niharika Dalpati Award, established by the department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, will each year honor an international graduate student in Chemistry, who displays exemplary performance in research and citizenship.  Niharika will also be awarded a post-humous Ph.D. at the Fall commencement ceremony.

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of this newsletter; for sending in your articles, jokes, and poems to be published, and for reading and sharing the newsletter with peers. Without your beautiful research stories, this newsletter wouldn’t exist. I sincerely appreciate the unwavering support of current team members, including Katherine Eaton (Biological Sciences), Chidozie Ray Ugochukwu (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Theophila Dusabamahoro (Chemistry and Biochemistry), and Masuzyo Mwanza (Mathematics), who have remained committed from the inception of the newsletter to date. You guys are the real MVPs.

My sincere appreciation to past teammates who have graduated from COSAM. Teammates like Kim Holman (Mathematics), Katherine Clohan (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Steph Courtney and Miranda Silano (Geological Sciences), and Cara Brittain (Biological Sciences) who, even though have graduated and moved on to other pursuits, played an essential role in our success story.

I am also happy to introduce our newest team members:

·         Jake Botello (Editor-in-Chief)

·         Kailey Paul (Editor, Biological Sciences)

·         Sarita Munoz-Gomez (Biological sciences Rep)

·         Nana Kwansima (Chemistry and Biochemistry Rep)

·         Sayantani Bhattacharya (Mathematics Rep)

·         Shifat Monami (Geociences Rep)

Let me use this opportunity to say, “Welcome to the team.”

It is, therefore, with a great sense of fulfillment that I proudly hand over the baton to the incoming Editor-in-Chief – Jacob Botello. I am confident that the newsletter is in great hands, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for the new team.


Chief Editor,

Chidinma L. Odili

PhD Candidate (Mansoorabadi lab)

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry