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December 2021 Issue

Discovering COSAM: our research explained...

Featured Article:

By Vanessa Falcao

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

We science-educated people often have such a hard time trying to express our knowledge to the general public. Sometimes my elementary school children come with that curiosity about the world, and I try to explain to them what atoms are, and their eyes almost pop from their sockets and in a minute, they could care less for what I was saying


By Bebi Muskan Rai

Physics Department; PhD First Year

As the red leaves fall

off from the nearby maple tree,

All my dreams seem to fade away

to obscurity, ambiguity,

And as the night gets cold

chilling my soul to the spine;

I see a faint glimpse of light

leading me away from the darkness,

Stepping out to a brilliant dazzle

where the moon shines smiling, beckoning,

Grasping me in a conscious-unconscious trance

From whence my shaking heart gleams,

resonancing in the harmonies of rapture;

And with a Creeping and clawing

dawdling and cawing,

As the night skies fade

with the mark of a new dawn,

I breathe lightly, a faint smile

One hardship ends; to another respite.


by Elijah T. Johnson

Department of Geosciences

by Randy Klabacka

Department of Biological Sciences