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February 2022 Issue

Discovering COSAM: our research explained...

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By Martin Luther King Jr.

In commemoration of Black History Month.

These cells of mine

By Chidinma L. Odili

Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Noon and night, I think about these cells of mine

Tiny, but worth so much more than just a dime!

Now I realize what it must cost a suitor to his love interest woo

Engaged as I am to my cells in a relationship; love, sometimes hate too

As I check and uncheck the comfort of these cells

Food, temperature, speed of the sung lullaby by the shakers

Conditions must be just right; not too low, not too high

Or my next day plans will be shot if these cells decide to die!

If at any point you find me sad and acting lame

Know at once, these cells are to blame!

For the entirety of my life at this time and clime,

Revolves around these tiny, little cells of mine!


by Steph Courtney

Department of Geosciences

by Dasia Simpson

Department of Biological Sciences

by Sana Karbalaei

Department of Chemistry

by Thomas Deskins

Department of Physics